I teach parents how to make it easier, better and more affordable to take international family vacations.

If you want to take amazing family vacations, but you want to do it without the time wasting, the overwhelm and the stress, then you’re in the right place.

I’d love to show you an easier way to travel with your kids. A way that will show you the pitfalls, the tips, and tricks, as well as give you the tools, resources, and support, so you can start taking extraordinary vacations.

Here are some of the ways we can work together:

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NO MORE EXCUSES. Dive into my free mini-course to learn the simple steps that will make the biggest difference, so you can stop dreaming and start planning your dream family trip abroad. Discover what’s stopping you from travelling and how to overcome it. Get my amazing Masterplan to help you plan every step. And discover what’s the #1 Strategy to achieve your travel goals easier, faster and cheaper. REGISTER now!

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My six-week course “Family Trips Made Easy” is designed to help busy parents save time, money and stress planning family trips. Each week, I’ll help you conquer a different aspect of travel with kids through my video tutorials, workbooks, checklists, and private members’ community.

Get family travel tips

Explore my free weekly travel tips on the blog. The place where I’ll be talking all things family travel, from the how-to, to the best of destinations, as well as interviews with other family travel experts.

Planning toolkit

It makes it so much easier when you know where to find the best information, so I’ve put together a travel toolkit containing a list of all of the websites we use and trust to research and book our travels. Plus there are some great free resources to download.

Hi, I’m Nicci

I teach busy parents, just like you, how to travel more and make it easier to take amazing trips with your kids.

How? By teaching you my step-by-step process that takes out the guesswork and stress, and gives you all the resources and tools you’ll need to travel cheaper, easier and have more fun.

Let me show you family trips made easy!

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DOWNLOAD one of my seriously useful FREE cheatsheets to get you on your way to taking more trips with your kids, and doing it easier, cheaper and better. (Click on the image to download)

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Stop waiting for the right time to take your kids on that dream trip. There will never be a perfect time.

Stop waiting until you have more money, more time, and less things to do. Chances are you aren’t going to strike it rich and retire before your kids leave home, so start saving now and put aside the time.

Stop waiting until the kids are older. They will learn more than you could imagine from travel.

What’s the point in waiting, when you can do something about it right now. Join Trip Chiefs and we’ll help you to make your travel dreams a reality.