ARE YOU READY to turn your family travel dreams into reality?


Does this sound familiar?

You dream of travelling overseas to explore another country or heading off on an epic road-trip with your family but don’t know how you’ll find the time, money, or resources to make it happen.

You feel overwhelmed by the enormous amount of information out there and the number of things that need to be organised. Every time you look for something it takes way too long to find it, and you’re wasting what little time you’ve got spare.

Travel with kids doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s the most incredible experience you can have with your family and can be so much easier for first-time travellers with the right tools, knowledge and helpful community.


Make family travel happen

Learn how to travel with kids sooner, easier and with confidence by joining Trip Chiefs community of parents, and following our step-by-step guides.

Every month, we will help parents with a different aspect of travel with everything from how to save, through to booking, creating your itinerary, technology, health, and so much more.

We’ve got amazing checklists, workbooks, resources and Q&A sessions to help you make your travel dreams happen. Our goal is to make it easier on you so we don’t plan to bombard you with a mountain of information. Instead we’ll give you the information you need to make things happen.

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Become an intrepid traveller

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Stop waiting for the right time to take your kids on that dream trip. There will never be a perfect time.

Stop waiting until you have more money, more time, and less things to do. Chances are you aren’t going to strike it rich and retire before your kids leave home, so start saving now and put aside the time.

Stop waiting until the kids are older. They will learn more than you could imagine from travel.

What’s the point in waiting, when you can do something about it right now. Join Trip Chiefs and we’ll help you to make your travel dreams a reality.