Want to save time, money and stress on your next family vacation?

Imagine how much easier it would be to take a family vacation if you had all the tools, resources and support you needed.

Family Trips Made Easy is a game-changer for parents, whether you’re a first-time traveller or you’ve done it all before. 

And yes, it’ll be a massive help regardless of whether you’re using a travel agent or doing things yourself.

What You’ll Get in Family Trips Made Easy academy

Family Trips Made Easy six-week online program was specifically designed for busy parents and is structured to break down family travel, step-by-step, and to show you what to focus on to make big strides quickly.

As a member you’ll get:

  • Online members portal (which is really easy to navigate) housing all the course materials, and can be used on phone, tablet or computer
  • 27 Video Lessons each with PDF workbooks you can download and use for every trip
  • 18+ done-for-you checklists, templates and resources to use for every trip you plan
  • A community of like-minded parents to help you on your way

So if you’re new to taking family trips, this lays out the exact plan you need, so you can take action and start planning a trip.

And if you’ve travelled before, you’ll build on what you’ve already created by following specific steps designed to get you past what’s holding you back, so you get on track faster, and travel more with your kids. 

The beauty of the way the program is structured, is if you’re already an expert in a subject like booking flights, or you have teens, not toddlers, then you can skip that lesson and concentrate on what you need most.

Proof that Family Trips Made Easy works

“You’ve done all the work for me! Instead of having to go to heaps of different websites to find each piece of information, it was all there in the course, step-by-step. It was clear, quick and easy to do, and the bonus is I can revisit it once I get closer to leaving on our trip.

I thought I knew everything I needed to know but there were so many things I hadn’t thought of. I was so wrapped up in the big stuff like flights, that I was forgetting all the crucial little details – time savers, mind savers and financial savers.”

Helen Lange, mother of two

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Family Trips Made Easy is broken down into 6 modules, and you get one module per week.  During that time, I’ll walk you through the process so you know exactly how to take amazing trips that you’ll love but without getting sidetracked by all the usual frustrations.

  • Week 1 is all about money, where we look at making travel more affordable. You learn how to save money to travel, how to find savings on your trip and how to budget, so that you can see and do more.
  • Week 2 is about planning. where you’ll learn  how to put together a great itinerary that’s right for your family, plus find the best accommodation and attractions for you.
  • Week 3 is about getting there and around your destination. We deal with flights, road trips, car hire and train travel, so you get the best deal and know how to overcome the traps and the challenges.
  • Week 4 covers all the international essentials you need to know before you go. Here we talk about passports and visas, solo parent travel, insurance, vaccinations, foreign currency, and technology.
  • Week 5 will have you taking off into the skies with everything about flying, with lessons on how to prepare the kids, helpful tips for at the airport, plus how to entertain and care for kids on even the longest flight.
  • Week 6 is dedicated to making it easier to head off on your trip. You’ll get advice on packing, checklists of what you need to do before you leave home, and my top tips for what to do when you reach your destination to ensure a smooth transition, plus what to do when things go wrong.

Imagine how much easier it would be
if you had all the
tools, resources and support
you needed to plan a family trip.

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Hi, I’m Nicci O’Mara

I’m the creator of Family Trips Made Easy, mum to two boys aged 9 and 11, wife, and intrepid traveller.

When I first started travelling with my kids, I did what we all do. Get on Google and start searching for things to do, where to stay, and how to get around with kids in tow. I’d spend hours and hours clicking and reading, only to find I was overwhelmed with too much information and not much was based on the experiences of families. I didn’t have time for this. I had work to do and kids to look after.

So I’d ask the travel agent, friends and family, and they were fantastic with the big things like flights and insurance. But I soon discovered I’d also need to know hundreds of smaller things that I’d never had to worry about before kids. Things like how to keep kids happy on a long flight, where to find affordable kid-friendly accommodation, what playgrounds are best, and did my kids need car seats.

So we learned everything the long and hard way, and over the years have put in enormous hours of research, talked to hundreds of families, and learned from our own mistakes.

Now I’m the last person to say it’ll be all unicorns and rainbows because travel, like life, is messy. It involves personalities, plenty of hormones, and pushing everyone outside of their comfort zone.  And that’s why the more bumps in the road you can smooth over before you leave home, the better!

Thankfully for families today, there’s no reason anyone needs to start from scratch when I’ve already done all the heavy lifting. I’ve learned how to travel smarter, cheaper and more often with my family, and have helped inspire hundreds of other parents to get out there and travel with their kids.

And I’d love to help you too.


Have questions or need help?

I’d be more than happy to answer you questions about Family Trips Made Easy. Check out the frequently asked questions or send me an email.

Proof that Family Trips Made Easy works

“Family Trips Made Easy is an excellent course. I thought I could find all the info for my upcoming trip to Canada from friends, family and my travel agent. However, when I dived into the course there were so many things I hadn’t thought of. Trip Chiefs consolidates everything into the one spot so you know what you need to do next and where to find it. A must for anyone planning a trip with children!”

Dahlas Fletcher, mother of three

Learn from anywhere at your own pace

It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting in the school pick-up zone, having 10 minutes to yourself while the baby’s sleeping, or are on your lunch break at work. Family Trips Made Easy academy was designed for busy parents so you can learn from anywhere and at your own pace.

For the best results, we see members dedicating up to one hour per week to go through the material.  Of course, the time it takes to implement varies depending on the complexity of your trip as well as your past travel experience. Either way I’ll be here to support you throughout the six weeks.

But the good news is that you’ll have access to the material for a full year plus you can download the resources, meaning you’ve got them for life.  So you’ll be able to reference it whenever you need, and as many times as you’d like. 

And, you’ll be fully supported with the ability to ask questions and talk to other like-minded parents in the members only Facebook group. And yes I’ll be in there too.

Let’s Sum it Up!

Here’s everything you’ll get when you join Family Trips Made Easy Academy.

  • Foundation lessons
  • Six modules containing 27 video lessons and downloadable PDF workbooks
  • Done-for-you checklists, templates, and recommended link lists
  • Live Q&A sessions with Nicci
  • A global community of like-minded parents
  • Bonus masterclasses and training

Just imagine how much easier it would be to plan a family trip if you had all the tools, resources and support you needed. Whether you’re a first-time traveller or you’ve done it all before.

Have questions or need help?

I’d be more than happy to answer you questions about Family Trips Made Easy. Check out the frequently asked questions or send me an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this course for me?

A: The people who get the biggest benefit from Family Trips Made Easy are those that have a can-do attitude, love learning new things that make their lives easier, and are ready to invest in themselves to make good things happen.

People like Helen who had already started booking her trip with a great travel agent.  After joining Family Trips Made Easy, she realised she’d been so wrapped up in the big stuff like flights, that she’d forgotten all the crucial little details that would turn out to be the time-savers, mind-savers and money-savers!

If you want to take amazing trips with your kids, (whether you’ve started planning or not) and you want to make it easier and without the stress and overwhelm, then Family Trips Made Easy is for you.

Q: Who isn’t this for?

A: People who don’t want to take action. This isn’t something that will happen just by watching videos and filling out a few workbooks, you actually have to take action. We’ll give you the step-by-step processes and you need to implement them, as you plan and take your trip.

It’s not for anyone who just wants to “kind of” check things out.  You can’t “kind of” travel. Family Trips Made Easy is for people who are committed to doing what it takes to make their family trip happen.  If the intention and the right attitude aren’t there, this isn’t the program for you and it’s best not to join.

Q: How long will the course take to go through?

A: There is one module a week for six weeks and we would expect it to take you up to 1 hour a week to watch the videos, fill out your workbook, and download checklists and any other resources.

Q: Is there a private Facebook group for this program?

A: Absolutely there is! This is where we will hold our Live Q&A’s for the six weeks of the course, plus you can ask your questions about travel to the other parents in the course.

You can remain in the group for as long as you remain a member in good standing (i.e. you continue to treat us and other members with the kindness and respect they deserve)

Q: What happens after I purchase?

A: As soon as your payment has been processed (usually about 5-ish minutes), you’ll get a welcome email, containing your very first action step to get your login organised.

Class kicks off on Monday, 3 June 2019, but you can get moving on the foundation lessons as soon as you enrol.

Q: How long will I be able to access the course?

A: You’ll have access to the course for 12 months including any upgrades we do to the material in that time. You’ll be able to stay a member of the private Facebook group for as long as you like, on the condition you follow the rules of the group (be kind, be respectful etc).

Q: What if I don’t buy the course?

A: Nothing. You’ll be in the same place you are right now and that is your choice to make. There are no hard feelings.

Q: Why pay when there’s so much free information out there?

A: That’s the thing, there’s so much information available on the internet and in bookstores that it’s overwhelming to know where to start, what’s reliable information and what’s specific to families. I’ve done the searching and organising for you.

Trip Chiefs gives you step-by-step information and resources so that you can save your time and money for other things. Here you’ve got the guidance, community support, and ease that Trip Chiefs provides.

What if…

What if just one idea in Family Trips Made Easy…
helps to save you money on every trip?

What if just one done-for-you resource…
helps to save hours of your precious time?

What if just one piece of advice…
helps you to have a better vacation with your kids?

What if the knowledge you gained…
helps you to travel more with your kids?

What would these changes be worth to you over your lifetime?

What would it cost if you were to try and learn this yourself?
How many hours of your time would it take for you to find all of this information, and work out the good from the bad?

Our past students have said they thought they’d be able to source all the information they needed from friends, family and travel agents, but that there were so many essential things that no one else told them and tools no one gave them. Things that would save them time, money and their sanity.

And what would it cost you if you did nothing at all? If you stayed stuck just dreaming of travelling with your kids? 

There’s another way.  And when you add up all the hours you’d spend trying to do it alone, not to mention the frustration of not getting where you want to be quickly – well, you deserve to take the easiest, fastest route so you can finally take amazing trips that you’ll love.

And the way to get there is Family Trips Made Easy academy.

Have questions or need help?

I’d be more than happy to answer you questions about Family Trips Made Easy. Check out the frequently asked questions or send me an email.

Stop waiting for the right time to take your kids on that dream trip. There will never be a perfect time.

Stop waiting until you have more money, more time, and less things to do. Chances are you aren’t going to strike it rich and retire before your kids leave home, so start saving now and put aside the time.

Stop waiting until the kids are older. They will learn more than you could imagine from travel.

What’s the point in waiting, when you can do something about it right now.


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