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Hey you,

I know money’s tight. 

I know you’re seriously short on time.

I know you have a lot of commitments.

But I also know you love vacations and want to take an incredible international trip with your family.


International travel with kids

I'm Nicci O'Mara

and I teach parents how to make travel with kids easier, cheaper and better!


4 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Travel Goals

  • Learn the simple steps that will make the biggest difference so you can stop dreaming and start planning that family trip abroad
  • Discover what's stopping you from travelling where and when you want and how to overcome it.
  • Get my amazing Masterplan to help you plan every step of your international family vacation
  • Discover what's the #1 Strategy to achieve your travel goals and make it so much easier, less stressful and cheaper to travel with kids.
  • PLUS downloadable workbooks so you can start planning today

Let me show you how it’s possible for you, right now.

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